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The Blue Hope Alliance – Eyes Under Water in the North West

This story-blog is a celebration of seven years of discovery: an exploration of the beauty of the underwater world, as well as the first signs of recovery as parts of the marine protected area in Wester Ross begin to restore. Sadly our surveys also include the discovery of damage to this recovery too. For we also focus on

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Nature Scot (SNH’s) publication of our 2016 survey

Sea Change collaborated with the Scottish Creel Fishermen’s Federation and to undergo a survey in 2016. The report on our Sea Change-SCFF-SubSea.TV survey is now completed and was published on Monday the 3rd of June 2019. Below is an extract referring to our part. (What the report does not flag up which interests us, is that our survey discovered a new-ish maerl bed

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An Underwater Ecosystem & Flowers of the Sea Forest

To view the stunningly beautiful world beneath the waves as shown in the film below enter the password sea cucumber (music not yet cleared) The film shares the findings from Sea Change’s June 2018 Sea bed survey working with SCFF, and many many others, as the story shows) John McIntyre found a wonderful quote from 1376 complaining about chains

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Sea Change Sea Search Surveys 2017

The beautiful miniature dragon-like creature Placida Dentrica which is a sea slug is just a glimpse of the extraordinary creatures in Wester Ross Marine Protected Area which Sea Change has set out to document. It is rare for anyone but divers to see all the fantastic and bizarre life beneath the waves so our aim is to share this

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An Underwater Eden – June 2018

Glimpse the stunningly beautiful underwater world beneath the waves in Wester Ross Marine Protected Area and see a small selection of marine scientist, Graham Saunder’s photos below.  These were taken around the Summer Isles Archipelago during a Sea Change, SubSeaTV, SCFF (Keltic Seafare) Survey dive week (June 2-9th 2018). More films and photos showing the extraordinary footage are

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