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Waves of plastics in scarcely populated NW Scotland

This article follows a talk that I gave to Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) when the Highland Environment Forum met on the 6th of September 2017.  Firstly I’d like to explain what is known about the consequences of marine plastic pollution in the food chain, as well as to humans, from my review of the literature. I will then show the data I

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Drowning in Plastic

An Artist’s Four-Year Journey Through Scotland’s Marine Plastic To Holyrood’s MSPs. Before becoming a sculptor and installation artist, Julia Barton studied geography but it was her search for seaweed to study which took her to the remote Coigach peninsula. It was here in Wester Ross that she found herself on a local beach knee deep

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Year One: march 2016-2017 Our MPA’s first year: small choices and simple actions, every day. 

Cousteau made the oceans rock’n’roll!  He made marine exploration exciting, cool and fun. That has to be our number one aim for 2017 as we embark on our second year of the Marine Protected Area and hopefully more sea bed surveys to start to build a picture and map our MPA. However it goes beyond that.

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