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Alistair Sinclair of SCFF talks on reform (Autumn 2016)

Alistair Sinclair, the Chairman of the Scottish Creel Fishermen’s Federation, (SCFF) is passionate about the potential for well managed low impact (creel and dive) fisheries to be the drivers for the regeneration of Scotland’s coastal communities. During the MPA debate he championed the cause for greater protection and better management of Scotland’s inshore waters and supported coastal community groups like Sea Change Wester

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Our Bountiful Sea – The Story of Wester Ross MPA

Wester Ross Marine Protected Area was ratified by the Scottish Parliament on the 23rd of March 2016. Sea Change Wester Ross firmly believes in protecting and celebrating the wonderful species which live within it.  Please see the film made for the National Trust for Scotland which tells the story of why the MPA was created. Some of our

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