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“Simply Put: They are Lying”

So says the UN Secretary as he accuses governments of ‘lying’ about climate change – and the rest. | Metro Video Listen to him. He says it is only a grassroots movement which will work. In short the politicians won’t deliver. Why? They are trapped in a system that hasn’t delivered and can’t until the population wakes

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The True Energy Cost of Salmon Farming (50 calories in to 1 calorie out)

The claim that fish farming is efficient because it produces 1 kilogram of farmed salmon for 1.25 kilograms of fish (in the food they are fed) is factually correct but leaves so many other facts unstated that it is greenwash. The fish farming industry gets this impressive ratio by: 1. Substituting vegetables and other food for

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Andy Jackson – Just Add Light To Water

When George Brown, Andy’s trusted dive buddy called to say Andy had died unexpectedly, it was not just a shock, it was incomprehensible. It is hard to come to terms with the loss of such a dedicated, talented, generous and big hearted storyteller of the underwater world – and grasp the fact that he is no longer with us. He was in

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