An Underwater Eden – June 2018

Glimpse the stunningly beautiful underwater world beneath the waves in Wester Ross Marine Protected Area and see a small selection of marine scientist, Graham Saunder’s photos below.  These were taken around the Summer Isles Archipelago during a Sea Change, SubSeaTV, SCFF (Keltic Seafare) Survey dive week (June 2-9th 2018). More films and photos showing the extraordinary footage are coming shortly, as well as news on the citizen science begun, exciting discoveries and underwater storytelling thanks in particular to Andy Jackson of SubSeaTV’s brilliant underwater video photography. Meanwhile have a look at more of Graham’s Saunders magnificent still photos at the link below:



The group effort is as much the story as the actual footage – it is only with this kind of cooperation and support, coming from so many people, that things like these outstanding images can be achieved.

Thanks from Sea Change goes to:

The Sea Change, SubSeaTV, SCFF survey would not have been possible without a huge collective effort. A very special thank you to Andy Jackson, SubSeaTV and Alasdair Hughson, Keltic Seafare & Scottish Creel Fishermen’s Federation for their partnership coordinating with Sea Change Wester Ross on the June 2018 survey and citizen science in Wester Ross Marine Protected Area. Thank you to Andy’s beautiful video of the survey, yet to be shared, but coming soon!

Marine Scientist divers & photographers: Thanks to the marine scientists and photographer-divers Graham Saunders and Lewis Press who volunteered to dive for the week long survey with Andy Jackson. Special appreciation for Graham’s extraordinary photographs and their help on transects and quadrats for our citizen science surveys. Thanks also goes to Inverness Sub Aqua Club and their Seasearch divers willing to support the 3 cameramen divers and Ali Hughson’s scallop divers during the survey with use of the ISAC boat to offer support, and share their photographs and dive too.

Support volunteer Divers: ISAC & Seasearchers: Neil MacInnesLynn MacKayPete Watson; Scallop divers: Ali Hughson, Johnny MaclennanAndy Venders.

Boat support: Ali Hughson for three days on Atlantia; Scott Coleman and Robyn Dutton for the Goldseeker;  ISAC for their support rib, and Tanera for their supply of a boat for many of the weekdays.

Accommodation given: Brian Wilson, Reiff Beach Cottage (Sara Nason).

Thanks for accommodation offered: John Wilding, Jenny McBain.

Equipment Engineering: John McIntyre for supplying and making quadrats and drop down GoPro Rig

Donations: Gabby Rex for donating the funds for all the technical equipment used for the transects by the divers; Andrew Hopetoun for funding Andy’s expenses.

Science Support: Ben James at Scottish Natural Heritage for guidance on the citizen science; Graham Saunders and Lewis Press during survey dives.

Air Supply for divers support: Thanks to Keltic Seafare for air supply and Pete Watson for generously driving it to us.

Others to thank for their advice, support and knowledge in preparation: Donald Rice of Dundonnel, Richard Luxmoore (National Trust for Scotland) for guidance on the last survey findings. Gary Lewis, scallop diver for his knowledge on the seabed in Wester Ross MPA. Other support: Beatrice Brinkler, Keith Dunbar, and thanks to Margeret Salmon Shore Project, Invisible Dust for capturing photos on board the Goldseeker.